View classes you have currently booked, and cancel bookings yourselves

Casey Stickland

Casey Stickland

Attention Yogis!!! I’ve listened to your feedback about the booking system and am excited to say that we now have a new one in place! You will now be able to view the classes you have currently booked in, and be able to cancel the classes yourselves instead of asking me.

Unfortunately, the introduction of the new booking system means that all current bookings had to be cancelled 😞 So this means you’re going to have to go online and rebook the classes that you’d like to attend! 😬

I’ve been racking my brain trying to think of a fair way to do this, but I can only think that first come first served is the best way to go. So I’m really sorry if you don’t end up with the classes that you want for the next couple of weeks, but if you book far enough ahead of time you will eventually get into your chosen classes 🤗

If you are on a 10 class pass but can’t make the 10 classes within the next 12 weeks because of this change, don’t worry at all, I’ll allow some leeway!

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