Online Classes – Everything You Need to Know!

Casey Stickland

Casey Stickland

Our first online class on Monday was a great success and I got some very positive feedback, so our next online class is Thursday 26th March at 6.30pm. If you'd like to join in, book your place via the online booking system on the website. It will look a little different to what you're used to, as I now have online payments via Paypal, but this Thursday's class will be free again! All you have to do is enter the coupon code "26032020" before proceeding to checkout, and your class will be free. This coupon is only valid for Thursday 26th's class, and from next week the classes will be £7.50 each again.
Once you have booked your place online you will get an automated email confirming your place. Make sure you've got Zoom downloaded on the device you will be using to do the class, and 20 minutes before the class starts I will email you the invitation and access code to the Zoom "meeting". Arrive 5-10 mins before the class begins to make sure everything is working ok for you, and to say hi!

Although Monday and Thursday's 6.30pm classes will need to be paid for, I will be doing a free class every Friday morning just before 9.30am on Facebook Live as I want everyone to be able to practice yoga regardless of their finances during this difficult time! So to join that, just go to Forest View Yoga's Facebook page at 9.30am on Friday morning and the class will come up :)
For those of you that have purchased 10 class packs pre-coronavirus, I will give each of you an individual coupon code that will be valid for the number of sessions you have left. For example if you have already done 6 sessions, you will get a coupon code that is valid for four more classes.

I am still looking into how to make new 10 class passes available to purchase apply online, so bear with me on that!

I asked those of you who joined the Monday class for some feedback and a lot of you said it was difficult without any music. I can't play music in the background when I'm teaching online because it will conflict with my voice and also won't sound very good, so to rectify this I have put all of my yoga playlists up on my Spotify for you to play in your own homes! All you have to do is download Spotify (you don't need to pay for a premium account to listen to the playlists, you can use it for free) and search "Casey Stickland" and click on my profile. There are 10 playlists, and I've written a description for each of them so you know which one you feel like listening to. Make sure you haven't got "shuffle" turned on, so the playlist can play from beginning to end, as the songs are in a particular order according to the timing of a standard class (warm-up, peak work, cooling down, savasana).

Lastly, if you have sessions booked in from pre-coronavirus, it would be useful if you could go into your account and delete them as they are now irrelevant. It doesn't matter a huge amount but you will get class booking reminders for a class that doesn't exist and that could get confusing! So to make things easier for yourselves, just delete everything you've already booked.

So to recap, if you want to join in Thursday's class this week, book your place on the website and use the coupon code "26032020" to get it for free. You will be sent the invitation to the Zoom meeting 20 mins before the class begins. Pick a Spotify playlist from my profile, and have it ready to play for when we begin the class! If you want to do a free class then tune into the Facebook Live class at 9.30am, and as from next week the classes will be £7.50 each like normal (unless you have a 10 class pass, in which case wait for me to give you your coupon code!).

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