Keeping Your Body Safe During Home Practice

Casey Stickland

Casey Stickland

A note on keeping your body safe whilst practicing at home….

When I look at this picture I immediately see my shoulder sticking out at a weird angle and think “oh that can’t be good”, however I remember feeling so good in this twist and getting a good stretch through my back and shoulders – no pain whatsoever. And it got me to thinking how easy it is for someone to comment on certain poses and say “doing this with your body will cause injury”, when they have no idea what the person doing the pose is feeling. By the same token, a seemingly “easy” or “normal” pose that doesn’t look fancy at all can induce great pain in someone.

While you are all practicing at home I want you to really think about how your body feels within each pose, and notice what feels comfortable and uncomfortable. Learn to recognise the difference between the type of discomfort that is building a stronger, more resilient body, and the discomfort that creates panic or fear, that instinctively you know to back away from. .
No one can tell you what you should or shouldn’t be doing with your body, and it takes some time to get to know your body well enough to be able to trust your experience. You can take take advice and follow textbook alignment, but ultimately it’s up to you to move towards peace in your mind and body. Sometimes this means adjusting your position, sometimes this means just to breathe stronger, keep your gaze fixed and work through the “good” kind of muscular discomfort. Only practice can teach you what’s right for you and your body and this is something you have to take responsibility for.

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