COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Studio Update

Casey Stickland

Casey Stickland

Hi Yogis!

We all know what’s going on in the world right now with COVID-19 and the uncertainty surrounding the situation can definitely be quite stressful! So I just wanted to let everyone know some measures that I’m putting in place to help protect ourselves over the coming weeks while this virus plays out.

Obviously the studio is a relatively small room and the mats are set up very close together to fit everyone in. With the current conditions, I really would like us to be positioned further apart, but the only way I can make that happen is to reduce class sizes. Many of us have our bookings in place for weeks ahead and the Monday and Thursday classes are full, so just halving the classes will not be possible as that will mean that some of you will miss out and that’s not fair! So I want to ask if any of you can possibly come to a Tuesday evening or Friday morning class instead of a Monday or Thursday, that would really help the busy classes be less crowded.

If any of you are doubting your safety in coming to class, or feel unwell with a cold/cough, please know that it is 100% ok for you to cancel your booking at any time without any repercussions. If you are on a 10 class pass and are worried about running out of your 12 weeks to use it, I will allow the 10 classes to be used within any amount of time. If/when you’ve run out of your 10 classes, for the time being I will only take payments on a pay as you go basis until such time as we can see the end of this and know we can be on a more regular schedule with class attendance.

When it comes to hygiene, we know that we must be washing our hands thoroughly as much as we can, so I will ask of all students that once you arrive in the studio, to please wash your hands, and once again before you leave. I will wipe down all surfaces with antibacterial spray before each class (including the floor and mats), and the use of props will be limited. If you’d like to use a bolster for savanasa, I ask that you bring a towel (I will have some but probably not enough!) to cover the bolster with just to keep them clean. We can still use bricks as I can wipe them down easily enough.

Not only do we have to keep ourselves safe, we must keep each other safe. So if you feel unwell at all, have been in contact with someone who has the virus, or have travelled to an area where the virus is prominent, please do not come to class.

The measures stated above are just preliminary and I will reassess what to do about running the classes as news and events surrounding the issue progress. It may come to having to close the studio at some point, but if that happens I will look to do classes online so we can all keep practicing.

The main points I want us to take from this is to firstly stay clean, and secondly please try to move your class to a quieter day if you’re able to.

Stay safe everyone, and remember to take time to just breathe, and find moments of quiet in your day if you feel like this COVID-19 situation is becoming overwhelming.

Love and Light,

Casey x

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