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Is it Yoga?

In the yoga industry there are differing opinions on what is considered yoga and what is not. People who can make really impressive shapes with their bodies and demonstrate an extreme amount of flexibility in their photos on Instagram, say they are doing yoga. Many people who troll the internet feel the need to correct them by telling them that they aren’t practising yoga, they are just contortionists or acrobats. It leads me to the question – what is the meaning of yoga? And why does that meaning for one person get disputed by another?

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What a Photoshoot Taught Me About Myself

I went into sheer panic when James gave me a photoshoot date less than two weeks away. It took me a while to bite the bullet and contact a professional photographer to even enquire about doing a shoot, so when James Fear called me back the same day to organise it I felt like I had jumped in at the deep end.

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