Forest View Yoga: About Casey

Casey is the owner and head teacher of Forest View Yoga. Read her story about how she found yoga and began her journey into teaching…

“I am originally from Australia, and moved to the UK in 2010 at age 16 to pursue a career as a professional dressage rider. I lived and worked between Germany and England, dedicating my life to training, teaching, and competing at an international level.

I always had an interest in fitness as I knew how important it was to my performance as a rider, so I did a lot of gym training and Crossfit. I was extremely strong, yet my body didn’t feel “good”, I was always sore and I was too tight and stiff to move freely with my horse. I had dabbled in yoga throughout my teenage years but when I started classes with Stephan Trefzer in an attempt to get more flexible, I really fell in love with it.

Stephan’s classes made me realise the correlation between strength and flexibility, that they aren’t at opposite ends of the spectrum. In order to be increase range of motion, and for my body to move in a fluid yet controlled way with my horses, I needed to develop the right kind of strength. The kind of strength that is more internal and subconscious, rather than the strength that you gain when you do bicep curls or squats. It’s a way of switching on your body that keeps your joints safe and provides your body with integrity when it moves.

This inner strength and self awareness proved paramount to my dressage riding, and I couldn’t help but share what I had learnt with the riders that I taught. As someone with an affinity for teaching, I decided to do my 200 hour yoga teacher training as a way to communicate the benefits of yoga more clearly and practically to the people I already taught in dressage, and to deepen my knowledge of the ancient practice and philosophy behind it.

I never had the intention to be a “proper” yoga teacher, I was just intensely curious and felt compelled to share what I had learnt in attempt to help other people in small ways. Over the years since my training, I slowly started teaching friends and picking up a few classes here and there. I was still a professional dressage rider, but as I dived deeper into the yoga world I started to address some underlying issues within me and realised my truth didn’t lie in being a professional rider.

Throughout the years during the transition into teaching yoga, I suffered a few injuries that were completely debilitating, yet transformative in my journey. The injuries forced me to take a few breaks from riding and the physical practice of yoga to allow my body to rest and heal. It was a pretty dark time, as I questioned everything I was working towards, but it gave me a chance to look into the spiritual side of yoga and gain a deeper understanding of the mind and body connection, and the ego versus higher consciousness. The limitations in my body made my relationship to yoga quite difficult for a period of time, but after doing a lot of inner work to heal my physical body, I realised yoga was only teaching me exactly what I needed to learn.

Like all relationships that overcome difficulties, my connection to yoga only deepened, and when I started to teach again I found that I could teach much more from experience than before. I found that like I did, many people viewed their physical limitations as something to move against creating resistance, rather than accepting and working with them. Having worked to overcome these feelings of negativity towards my body, I felt even more compelled to help others do the same.

Having made the difficult decision to let go of my riding career to make room for teaching yoga, I put myself forward to take some regular classes at the gyms in Swindon. Although it was petrifying, it felt like it was exactly where I needed to be and what I needed to do, and I hadn’t felt so passionate or the feeling of purpose in a long time. As more opportunities to teach opened up, my confidence grew and it became something I could really see myself doing full time. 

I’ve kept one foot in the horse world as I still enjoy riding my horses every day, so decided to offer yoga classes to the horse riding community in the area where I live. I invited the local riders into my living room to do some light hearted sessions every Monday, and with the classes being full week after week, I decided to take it one step further and open up a small studio.

Classes in this private studio are now open to everyone, not just riders, and I also teach at various gyms and studios in Swindon, Tetbury, Cirencester and Nailsworth. I also offer private or small group sessions in either my studio or in your own home. Send me a message clicking the button below to arrange a session or book a class on the booking page. I’m looking forward to meeting and practicing with you!”